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    Men’s Golf Association

As a member of Manistee Golf & Country Club, we encourage all male members to join the
Men's Golf Association (MGA.) The cost is $50.00 per year, which provides access to a lot of fun events,

  • President's Cup (July)
  • Ringer Tournament (June 1st – September 1st)
  • Member / Member Outings In Both Spring & Fall
  • Eligibility Into The Ryder Cup In September
  • Six Sunday Events (Monthly From May – October)
Event DateEvent Type
May 21st Scramble
June 18th Alternate Shot
July 9th Beaver Format
August 13th Ryder Cup
September 17th Stableford
October 1st Step-Away Scramble

It's a great way for new members to meet new people! For only $50.00, you get a lot of fun events
to play in and meet other guys, as well as potentially find folks to play with (or sub) during the
Tuesday / Thursday Men's Leagues. So, become a member and come join us today!

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